La Hoba

Nutty Chewy Coconut Date Cake Aphrodisiac Snack Cake Energy Boost, Sexual Boost Desire, Increase Sexual Desire, Sexual Energy Mood boost


LA HOBA Nutty Chewy Coconut Date Cake 
INCREASE SEXUAL DESIRE- With LAHOBA Nutty Chewy Coconut Date Cake . This is a delicious libido booster and sexual enhancement dessert specially formulated with sexually stimulating aphrodisiac fruits and herbs. featuring the highest potency ingredients.

Turkish fig, Dates, Horny Goat Weed , Tribulus, Damania, Coconut, Honey, Tongkat Ali, Ginger, Acacia and Gotu Kola to stimulate and intensify your sexual desire. 

SEXUAL ENERGY AND STAMINA FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - LAHOBA Nutty Chewy Coconut Date Cake is made for lovers to enjoy and experience together. Better than a battery pack and tastier than a pill, will keep you thumpin' like bunnies all night long. It's for tonight, for now, for any time you need an energy boost. 

ENHANCE YOUR SATISFACTION! - Date + Coconut + Herbs =Maximum Enjoyment! Nutty Chewy Coconut Date Cake combines the aphrodisiac powers of dates, damania , horny goat weed and coconut to stimulate the senses and arouse romantic tendencies, with variety of aphrodisiac herbs to kindle the flame of your passion. 

ENJOY SEX RESPONSIBLY - Keep out of reach of children under 16: A few bites 1-2 hours. Always remember to treat your lover with respect and kindness. 

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