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Organic Herbal Hair Oil Mix Super Growth Root Stimulator


Organic Herbal Hair Oil Mix (18 Vital Herbs) For Long, Thick, And Lustrous Hair

Super Growth Root Stimulator

Organic herbal hair oil mix - premium pack:

ingredients (common and hindi name)
- 1. Vetiver - khas khas (usheera).2. Champaca seed - champak 3. Fenugreek - methi 4. Marorphal - valampiri 5. Idampuri 6. Pulankilangu -chandramoolika 7. Curry leaves - kari pattu 8. Ranawara - tarwar 9. Hibiscus - japa 10. Vembalam bark. Plus 8 vital herbs for hair care.

Uses and benefits:

1. Prevents hair fall.
2. Prevents gray hair.
3. Prevents dandruff.
4. Reduces body heat.
5. Regular use gives thick, healthy long hair.

How to use:

now you can just make your own herbal hair oil, just open pack and fill the herbs in a seperate bottle and fill coconut oil fully so that the herbs get dipped inside the oil fully, leave it for some couple of hours and start using it. Once the oil reaches half the bottle, please refill it with coconut oil or oil preferred

Do not leave the oil to reach the bottom of the bottle. Can be used for 2-3 months for best results. No restrictions, any age can use the oil. Regular use can give amazing result. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Use any oil your hair loves.

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