La Hoba

Pure Sugar cane - Sugar Zaddy - Rock Sugar - Love Candy - Energy Booster - Natural Sweetener - Yoni - Libido booster - Endurance - Honey 4oz


An ideal sweetener. natural booster, body and mind rejuvenating essence. These rock sugar crystals are sugar in its purest form. Gives strength, energy sweetness and wetness..

This tiny candy has many health benefits

1. Excellent for Common Cold, Cough and soothing a Sore throat
2. Aids digestion
3. Boosts energy, calms mood swings, improves memory and eases fatigue
4. Cooling and calming effect on the body - alleviating stress and relaxing the senses
5. Unrefined and Healthier than table sugar, with a unique delicious sweetness

Improves taste and creates cooling effect by clearing away heat and moistening dryness.

If you like it sweet, there's no better way to impart dulcet notes to your favorite cup. Adding a few rock sugar crystals will sweeten any drink without distorting its flavor profile, pleasing both your sweet tooth and taste buds.

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