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Yerba Santa - 3 Sage Bundle - Smudge Bundle - Smudge Stick - Healing - Yerba Santa Smudge - Protection - Sage - Black - White - Holy Herb


Aromatherapy exists in many forms and smudges are an amazing way to enjoy the different scents of the world. HOBA BOTANICA handcrafted Yerba Santa Smudge is perfect for blocking negative influences. Burning smudges requires attention to safety and should be burned with a bowl incense holder.

How is Yerba Santa Smudging Different?

Burned to honor ancestors

Enhance psychic abilities


May help to get over grief, shyness, or a broken heart

Also known as: Holy Weed, Holy Herb, Mountain Balm, Consumptive's Weed, Gum Bush, Bear's Weed

It is from an aromatic, resinous evergreen shrub

Yerba Santa is a medicinal herb but is also used as a form of smudging. 
It is used for protection, setting boundaries, growth, love, empowerment and is very closely related to the heart chakra. 
It has an uplifting scent to help you feel better about the day and banish any negativity.
Yerba Santa sticks are sold in bundle of 3 .  Each stick is approximately 4.5 inch in length

Scent: Yerba Santa

Uses: Blocking negative influences

Package: Set of 3 smudges

Origin: Handmade in the USA

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